Me and Testimonials

I have always been a person who loves people. As a middle child and a Libra, maintaining balance has always been important in all areas of my life. I have maintained several childhood friends throughout my life and can learn from anyone of any age. I was selected President of my high school fraternity of more than 20 boys. I was always a mediator, between disagreeing family members, friends, and co-workers. I was always the person assigned to work with the most difficult person in the office, because the boss knew that I would find a way to work well with that person, negotiate and get the job done. Most of my clients would say that I am passionate about my coaching style and have more than adequately prepared myself professionally to be an exceptional coach.
I have earned a bachelors, masters, and doctorate in psychology, international certification from the International Coaching Federation, and completed more than 1000 coaching hours with more than 75 clients. I also have had memberships in the Canadian and American Psychological Associations, Association of Black Psychologists, Society for Human Resource Management, and the International Coaching Federation. I am also an established author of 7 published books and numerous articles.

I would rather have a sample of my testimonials speak for me about the quality of my services as well as how much I love coaching and helping people.