Life Stressors


Home – if you ever feel that you are more stressed at home than at work, reevaluate the difference between a house and a home. Make where you live a safe place to land, “crash and burn” and relax. With our empowering questions, you can learn to make your home a haven.

Work – if you hate going to work and watch the clock all day, reevaluate the difference between work and a job assignment. Make where you work a more enjoyable environment by better time audits and management, rationalization, and positive thinking. With our empowering questions, you can learn to enjoy your work or seek new employment or self-employment.

Leisure – if you have never taken a vacation, work all the time and never have any fun in your life, reevaluate what fun is and what you may be missing. Make leisure time a time away from all of life’s stressors and a time for retooling and refreshment. With our empowering questions, you can learn to relax and play as hard as you work.

Relationships – if you are revolving in and out of relationships with the same type of person with a different face, reevaluate what you want and need in the relationship and what you will and will not stand for. Make relationships, whether personal or social, more enjoyable and more choice oriented. With our empowering questions, you can learn how to use the word friend more intelligently and make better dating and partner choices.

Retirement – if you do not realize that retirement will probably precede your death, then reevaluate the importance of planning the successful transition to this phase of your life. Make retirement a time of reward, not punishment. With our empowering questions, you can change the phrase “over the hill” to “beyond the problems” in a sustainable and joyous environment.

Life – if you find that you are angry or depressed all the time, reevaluate the importance of having values, some spirituality, and goals in life. Make life a journey and you will enjoy the experience itself. There are no mistakes, only learning experiences and “teachable moments”. With our empowering questions, you can view life as a more than “half full” glass and make each moment count towards a brighter and more productive future.